Paje Kite center Zanzibar

Top Kitesurfing Spots in July

Wondering what are the windiest kite spots in July? Well, summer provides a multitude of opportunities when it comes to kitesurfing, especially in July, which is considered to be the middle of the kitesurfing season. Whether you are considering a top spot in Egypt or a unique challenge straight in the middle of Italy, here

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Top Windy and Kitesurfing Places in June

Kitesurfing feels different depending on the month you choose to do so. Wind conditions, water temperature or even too many people on the location can influence greatly your experience. Hence, if you are looking for the best kitesurfing destinations in June, here are our top suggestions that you must try this summer! #1 Kalpitiya, Sri

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Best Windy Kitesurfing Destinations to Try in May

Well, as summer approaches and the days get brighter and brighter kitesurfing enthusiasts to start the search for the windiest kitesurfing destinations in May. Wherever you’re looking for a wild and remote destination or comfier place, we’ve compelled a list with our top 6 windy kitesurf destinations in May that you should try at least

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