Kitesurfing Lakes Around the World

If you are into kitesurfing, we know you are more than willing to search and find the best kitesurfing spot. But besides the open ocean tides and waves, you are surely considering kitesurfing on a lake This will give you a different kitesurf experience, that you will want to repeat each year. So, we’ve set up a list with the best kitesurfing spots on lakes around the world for you to enjoy!

#1 Silvaplana, Switzerland

Silvaplana lake

One of the top kitesurfing lakes around the world is Silvaplana. Astonishing landscapes, an altitude of 1800 m and the ideal spot for enjoying a variety of sports, especially kitesurfing. During summer, lake Silvaplana is one of the windiest kite spots in Switzerland, the perfect time for kitesurfing being in the afternoon.

Straight on the spot, there is a camping site for kitesurfers and windsurfers, which creates a community filled with good vibes. But, if you are looking for another kind of accommodation, at around 5 km away there are a couple of hostels, hotels and guesthouses from which to choose.

#2 Nahuel Huapi Lake, Argentina (Bariloche)

Haupi lake, Bariloche

Nahuel Huapi Lake is a kitesurfing spot located in a national park from Argentina packed with mountains, forests, lakes and a multitude of rivers. The winds in the summertime are thermic, mild to strong winds that are perfect for all levels of kitesurfing. There are several spots around the lake, like Playa Bonita and Rivermouth being two of them.

Being close to the city Bariloche, there is plenty of accommodation available, along with local Argentinian cuisines that will entice your taste. Basically, it is that type of kite spot that provides any comfort you can think of.

#3 Lake Ontario, Canada

Lake Ontario, Canada

Ontario region in Canada is known internationally for its three massive lakes that stand out through their beauty and amazing landscapes. But Lake Ontario has another interesting trait: during the past years, it became a kitesurfing lake hot spot, visited early by a large number of sports enthusiasts. Moreover, the Canadian Kitesurfing Society organizes kitesurfing competitions each year, which offers a one of a kind show. Cherry Beach – the kitesurfing spot with the view of Toronto skyline, or Presqulle Park, just to name a few.

Accommodation is accessible in the area due to the growing popularity of the spot, while kitesurfing campsites are also available for those that seek a more authentic experience.

#4 Lago Calima, Colombia

Lake Calima in Colombia is ranked as the third-best kitesurfing wind spot on a lake worldwide due to the fact that it features 350 days of consistent (thermal) wind. An impressive tourist landmark, it is located in Valle del Cauca popular for its winds and enticing waters. Wind statistics might look bad, but thermal wind “works” when the sun is there!

Hosting services are usually provided in the area by the kite school, while a local restaurant serves typical foods in the area at a fair price.

#5 Bodensee (Lake Constance), Germany/Switzerland

romanshorn, bodensee
Romanshorn, Bodensee – Switezerland

One of the highest winegrowing areas in Germany, offer to kitesurf enthusiast the Lake Constance, with the perfect kitespot on a lake – the Bodensee. Due to its location, strong winds blow throughout the year, while summer is considered the best time to kitesurf on this lake. Keep in mind that it is a rather busy area, with a bundle of boats traveling, which you will have to be careful about. One of the few spots where you can theoretically kite in three countries – Germany, Switzerland and Austria

#6 Naussac Lake, France

Naussac Lake in France is a hot spot when it comes to sporting and enrolling in diverse nautical activities. Around the lake you will find two nautical centers and a fishing center. Getting here might be tricky, as the best route is by car, while accommodation can be found on site in the form of camping villages. The nearest town is Saint-Etienne.

When it comes to kitesurfing on Naussac Lake in France, you should probably know that its waters are recommended for intermediate to expert kite surfers, due to the local boat traffic and strong winds in the area. The best time of year to kitesurf this lake is the period between July and August, when both water and air temperature are warm and the winds blow steadily.

#7 Hutt Lagoon (Pink Lake), Australia

Hutt Lagoon

If you are looking for the ultimate kitesurf adventure on a lake, you should definitely place on your bucket list doing some kitesurfing on the Pink Lake in Australia. Moreover, besides the spectacular view, you will benefit from amazing wind speeds that will challenge your skills while trying to master kitesurfing.

The Hutt Lagoon is part of the Seven Salt Lakes of Australia, with the closest town being Gregory, where you can also kite along the ocean side. Usually, here you will face thermal winds, the best season is considered from October to March. Anyhow, a campground is available on spot, but if you are looking for diverse facilities you should book a place in the town.

#8 Garda Lake, Italy

Garda Lake

The most wanted kitesurfing spot on Lake Garda is Malcesine. There is always a wind blowing in the region, making it perfect for kitesurfing all day long. It is rather close to Verona or Campione del Garda, from which you can arrive at the lake by train, but those that go kitesurfing there on regular basis recommend you opt for local accommodation as it will save you a lot of trouble. Most places around Lake Garda offer catering services, too, amazing food cooked in Italian style.

The best months to kitesurf on Lake Garda are from April to October as in winter the water is extremely cold and unpleasant. Thus, the perfect kitesurf summer destinations, Lake Garda will provide everything you need starting from steady winds and ending up with impressive mountainous landscapes.


This being said, those are some of the best kitesurfing lakes around the world that you must try at least once in your lifetime. Kitesurfing on a lake is a rather different experience, which will leave you mesmerized by its intensity.

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