Top Kitesurfing Spots in July

Wondering what are the windiest kite spots in July? Well, summer provides a multitude of opportunities when it comes to kitesurfing, especially in July, which is considered to be the middle of the kitesurfing season. Whether you are considering a top spot in Egypt or a unique challenge straight in the middle of Italy, here are the best kitesurfing destinations in July that you should proudly place on your 2019’s summer to do list! Let’s see what you think about the following top kitesurf places.

#1 Lake Garda, Italy

Lake Garda, Italy

The biggest lake in Italy, Lake Garda is perfectly placed in the Northern part of the country, being surrounded by mountains on all sides. Thus, the wind blows every day almost all year, but, of course, its intensity differs depending on the season. Lake Garda has kitesurfing winds during the first part of the day, especially in June. The fresh water is warm, while the overall temperature is welcoming.

If you are planning to kitesurf in Lake Garda, you should probably know that there are a few “kitesurfing” villages around the lake to spend the night. You will find clean accommodation and, of course, the beloved proximity to the kite spot.

#2 Flag Beach, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

The most popular kite spot destination in July is Flag Beach at Canary Islands, located in the northern area of the island Fuerteventura. Enticing white sands, marvelous turquoise water, big kite hub and proximity to the city center are all traits that recommend this location as a kitesurfing destination for summer.

Beach has reefs at both ends, so be careful. Anyhow, in July the wind here is strong, blowing constantly and the spot is offering interesting waves outside the bay. Great kite hub and plenty of accommodation and restaurants in the area.

#3 El Gouna, Egypt

Red Sea, Makadi Bay

A more exquisite kite spot is El Gouna in Egypt. The resort of El Gouna offers diverse waterways, accommodation, hotels, bars, fitness areas and even a golf course. It is considered to be a top-notch kiting spot due to all the facilities available. A downside of this might be the fact that the area is flooded with tourists that look for a luxurious holiday.

Various kite stations spread along the beach and offer kite lessons, equipment for rent or insights in regards to the weather or upcoming winds. Keep in mind that this is not as windy as other kitesurfing destinations in Egypt, but it is still perfect for kite surf due to the beautiful flatwater accompanied by cozy temperature.

#4 Ulcinj, Montenegro

Ulcinj at night

Ulcinj in Montenegro is a relatively new kite spot destination in Europe that offers you the chance to kitesurf on the Adriatic. During summer, the wind blows constantly every day from midday until sunset, while in July it reaches its highest peak. The destination is more than perfect for both beginners and intermediate kitesurfers because of the vast beach, waist-deep waters and steady winds.

The main city of Ulcinj is at 5 km distance from the spot, which will allow you to find perfect accommodation such as hotels, cottages, wooden bungalows or even camping sites closer to the kite spot. Moreover, you can find a restaurant on the beach that has an amazing view over the sea and that serves everything starting from local dishes and ending with a variety of fresh fruits.

#5 Costa da Caparica, Portugal

Costa de Caparica, Portugal

One of the top kitesurfing destinations worldwide is Costa de Caparica in Portugal. And if you want to obtain the best kite surfing experience in July, we guarantee this is the perfect spot for you.

Located in the municipality of Almada south of Lisbon, Costa da Caparica spread along the western coast of Setubal. It offers the best kitesurfing conditions due to the regional waves that have an extremely consistent frequency. Fast, powerful waves, combined with impressive wind rates, makes this spot the perfect kitesurf destination for July.

Accommodation is available close to the beach, including a camp where you can place your tent to be closer to the enticing waves. Most of the restaurants sever local dishes, that are al tasty and locally produced, while a couple of bars or cafes await to serve you with a tasty drink (Sagres beer 🙂 ).

#6 Paje, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Paje beach kitesurfing, Zanzibar

The most appreciated kitesurfing location for July is, as you might guess, Paje in Zanzibar, Tanzania. A slightly remote destination, Paje is usually visited by kite sports fans, which makes it perfect for exchanging tips and ideas on the topic. The south-easterly wind blows consistently during summer, reaching its peak during July. White sandy beaches, blue waters, and diminished tourism activities – are all major advantages of kitesurfing in Zanzibar.

A disadvantage of this place is the fact that upper-class accommodation is hard to find, but the situation is improving year by year.. Is an area inhabited by locals, but if you are not looking for a luxurious place to stay, everything will turn out to be ok. The food consists more of local dishes made with different varieties of fish, which will offer you a deeper understanding of local cuisine and culture. Anyway, Paje in Zanzibar is the perfect place for kitesurfing in June because it offers something you won’t find in any other kite surf destination: fewer tourists and crowds.


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