Best Windy Kitesurfing Destinations to Try in May

Well, as summer approaches and the days get brighter and brighter kitesurfing enthusiasts to start the search for the windiest kitesurfing destinations in May. Wherever you’re looking for a wild and remote destination or comfier place, we’ve compelled a list with our top 6 windy kitesurf destinations in May that you should try at least once. Windy, warm and ready for you to discover the wonders of kitesurfing on the right wave!

#1 Masirah Island, Oman

Omani flag

Straight from the marvelous Arabian Sea, Masirah Island is one of the best destinations for kitesurfing. The recommended time of year to kitesurf here is from mid-April to September – the strong wind blows continuously, while the overall temperature is nicely warm to hot.

Anyhow, this kitesurfing destination is a rather wild place, it is suitable for beginners, as it features an extensive water lagoon, perfect for experimenting with new moves and getting accustomed to the wind. For those that are already been introduced to the art of kitesurfing, Masirah Island represents the perfect spot for gaining experience due to the ideal kiteboarding conditions.

Accommodation is available in the area, as there is a reachable resort that is closer to the beach and water lagoon, many of the resorts can help you arrange transport to different spots around the island.

#2 Rodrigues Island, Mauritius

Rodrigues island, Mauritius

If you are dreaming about the powerful winds, we have the best kitesurf destination suggestion for you: Rodriguez Island. In May, the winds here are lighter during the first part of the day, while in the afternoon they intensify. In other words, it is a top destination to kitesurf all day long and face impressive waves. Le Morne Kitebeach, Pointe d′Esny (Esny Point), or Bel Ombre are cataloged by kitesurfing enthusiasts as top kite spots around Mauritius.

While it is windy all year round (Mauritius has more than 300 windy days a year), the high season is from April – November, with the peak between June – September.

When it comes to accommodation, this island offers you a bundle of offers through Airbnb &, which is great for finding good deals. Also, the food here is great – it is a unique mixture of Indian, French, Chinese, and Creoles – the majority of restaurants offer local fresh foods that can easily be found on the island.

#3 Diani Beach, Kenya

Diani beach, Kenya

One of the best kitesurfing spots worldwide is Diani Beach from Kenya. Close to Mombasa, the Diani is rich in white sand beaches, flat waters, and waves on the reef. Even though it is not a large beach, this place is usually recommended for both beginners and intermediate kitesurfers.

Besides local resorts from which you can choose, you can opt for staying at the kite village, a popular bed and breakfast amongst all those that come here to kitesurf. Anyway, there are multiple choices for both accommodation and food, which is why kitesurfers keep returning each year.

#4 Sakalava Bay, Madagascar

Madagascar boats

Exotic, wild one, exquisite, windy and full of kitesurfing addicts from everywhere, the Sakalava Bay in Madagascar seems that it might be at the end of the world. A kitesurf jewel spot is visited annually by a multitude of experienced kiters due to its incredible winds, warm temperatures, and amazing turquoise water.

When it comes to wind and water temperature, Sakalava Bay is more than paradise. Steady & strong & non-stop 30 knots wind blow from April until November, and you can still catch some nice windy days even if you’re here out of season.

There are some kite-friendly accommodations in the area, and you’ll find plenty of local Malagasy food – which is definitely to try, and you won’t have any issues sticking to a vegetarian diet either.

#5 Dakhla, Western Sahara

Dakhla desert

One of the most appraised windy and warm kitesurf destinations for pretty much late spring and whole summer is the Dakhla Peninsula. It features very high winds especially during the summer months while being suitable for all levels of kitesurfing experience. It is said that around 320 days of the year Dakhla is surrounded by winds with different intensities! May is one of the best times of the year to kitesurf here as the winds reach the highest peak for the beginning of the kitesurfing season.

A downside of this kitesurfing destination is the fact that you will be somehow stranded in the middle of Sahara, without nightlife or other local attractions and pretty much dependent on your accommodation (food, transport, a windless day things). Also, you can arrange through your accommodation to get transportation to other kite-famous spots around the area like Duna Blanca or doing a long downwind trip.

Dakhla in Western Sahara is the freestyle heaven for kitesurfing with its windy areas and flat waters, but sometimes it can get a bit too crowded!

#6 South Padre Island, Texas, USA

South Padre road, TX

Well, if you swear on more “good old’n safe” type of spot, you can opt for the classic USA kitesurf destination such as South Padre Island in Texas. Cozy Gulf Waters, warm air and friendly winds are all things that transform this place in a dream destination.

The best season for kitesurfing here is March through June, but winds are great too in October through December. Also, there is available a variety of accommodation options, which makes it somehow a safe destination for kiting, because you will have everything you need.


Bottom line, choosing a kitesurf destination for May is quite simple, due to the fact that May represents in the majority of cases the beginning of kitesurfing season. Thus, depending on what you need, you can choose a destination with impressive waves or one that is suitable for beginners. With May the wind gets ready to embrace kite surfers from all over the world! When traveling with your kites, don’t forget about travel insurance that covers you while you kite!

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