Best Kitesurfing Places in August

Usually, August is the month with the highest summer temperatures in almost all places around the world. Summer water sports are highly sought, which makes it rather difficult for kitesurfing lovers to find a suitable spot for practicing and enjoying the wind. Thus, if you are considering doing kitesurfing in August, here are some suggestions from which you can opt for the best kitesurfing vacation ever.

#1 Svencele, Lithuania

The first suggestion for kitesurfing spots in August is Svencele, Lithuania. A place less known outside of the Baltic area, but one that has everything to offer in terms of winds and water currents. It is close to both Klaipeda and Dreverna, but it offers on-spot diverse facilities such as camping, hostels, kite schools, and a multitude of eating places.

Svencele Lake is great for all kitesurfing levels, no matter if you are just a beginner or an expert. Its shallow, flat waters are large, being a knee to the waist-deep lagoon, in which no potential danger, such as sailing boats and so on can reach you. The best season to kitesurf in Svencele is from May until late September, being the best period with warm water temperature. Keep in mind that there are a couple of rules you will have to follow on spot such as the northern side of the lagoon being dedicated to the school zone.

#2 Wissant, France

Wissant beach

Known for its impressive, powerful ocean waves, the region of Wissant France is mostly sought by kitesurfers that look for strong winds. It is considered to be one of the best wave spots in Europe as it combines the Atlantic winds with the Mainland winds. A downside of the spot might be the fact that it is rather popular amongst French, Belgian, and German riders, which makes it a bit crowded in August.

An important local rule you should respect is a designated swimming zone. Thus, everyone has their portion of water and no trespassing is allowed. Moreover, any kind of garbage must be retrieved, while the camp available on-site will not allow you in if you did the smallest harm to the surrounding environment. Check accommodation available in the area.

#3 Naxos, Greece

Naxos at night

One of the windiest kitesurfing locations in Europe is the Naxos Island in Greece. A multitude of winds stumble upon each other here, including the northern winds and the Mediterranean winds that blow consistently. We say it is the best kitesurf spot in August because the summer is warm, the water cozy and the wind consistent.

A bundle of accommodation places are available at different prices and facilities, depending on what budget you have for your kitesurfing holiday. Being a Greek Island, it is understandable that you will have here food in abundance, mostly local, delicious and authentic dishes.

#4 Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Cabarete beach

Well, if you are passionate about kitesurfing, you must see the original kitesurfing location, one of the first that appeared and encouraged the support to develop worldwide. Here you will have different kite spots from which to choose, for different levels of difficulty or wind intensity. The windiest time of the year in Cabarete is from April to September, but here the wind blows consistently around 250 days a year.

Being a kitesurfing hotspot, it is visited annually by a multitude of people that enjoy practicing the sport. Hence, you will find different accommodation options such as condos, hostels or even camping sites, while the food is mostly inspired by local cuisine.

#5 Cocos Keeling Islands, Australia

Another place that welcomes both beginners and expert kite surfers, Cocos Islands await to charm you with amazing turquoise lagoons, shallow waters and, of course, consistent winds throughout the day thanks to the Indian Ocean. The perfect time to visit this place is from July to October, but August is the most wanted month for those that enjoy doing advanced freestyle kitesurfing stunts. It is windy and warm all year round and real kitesurfing paradise!

Because it is very remote and in the middle of the ocean, you will only have a couple of options when it comes to accommodation and prices, mostly reachable through Airbnb. Anyhow, the food is exquisite, with a bit of tropical flair, featuring a multitude of tasty Seychelles, Malay or International cuisine dishes.

#6 Lombok, Indonesia

Gili, Lombok

The Indonesian Island of Lombok offers you the chance to relax on the Kaliantan beach, being considered one of the most reliable kitesurfing spots in Indonesia. A coral reef protects the lagoon that is perfect for kitesurfing, while the wind is consistent and beats adequately all-day round. A big plus of Lombok is that its kite spots are not internationally known, meaning you will benefit from remoteness in some areas.

Even though it is a remote kitesurfing location, Lombok offers everything you need in terms of accommodation while valuing sustainability. Thus, you can opt for staying in a typical Indonesian condo in one of the resorts available throughout the beach. We guarantee you will fall in love with those traditional bungalows while savoring some local dishes you never thought you will eat.


Bottom line, if you are seeking the best kite spot for August, you might want to take into consideration the 6 locations we mentioned above. No matter what you choose, a remote quite spot, the basic kite spot or the marvelous original kite surfing destination, you will definitely benefit from the best winds, as August is known for the winds it offers worldwide.

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