Most Interesting River Mouths to Kitesurf

Well, if you enjoy kitesurfing, you probably already know that the ocean is not enough sometimes. Kitesurfing in the ocean can be mesmerizing and unique, while at the sometimes kitesurf a river will give you the experience of your life. Strong water currents, increased wind velocity and many times a nice lagoon, are all benefits of kitesurfing in a river. So, if you are looking for a new kite adventure, we’ve set up a list with the most interesting river mouths to kitesurf this summer. Read on to find out all about the best spots worldwide.

#1 Neretva River Mouth, Croatia

Dubrovnik - Neretva

Neretva is one of the main rivers in Croatia, with its mouth beautifully placed in a large valley, quite distinct when compared with Croatia’s rocky landscape. People all over the world vote it as the best kite spot on a river mouth due to its steady and reliable warm summer winds.
The recommended season to kitesurf here is summer, especially in July and August, with a slight nuisance: these two months are full of tourists and the spot might get (really) crowded. Anyhow, if you want to avoid the busy scenery, you can opt for kitesurfing in Croatia’s river Neretva in May or September, when the wind it is still at its best range.

This combination of a lagoon with the Adriatic Sea will offer you a constant breeze with different wind fluctuations depending on the time of day. Neretva River is suitable for both experienced and beginners in the art of kitesurfing offering the chance to everyone to enjoy the magic of the wind. But remember that in summer there are cases in which winds suddenly diminish in intensity and you might get stranded on the water until it starts to blow again!

Accommodation can be found on the spot in the form of camping sites, but at a 10 minutes’ drive, there are some villages that offer decent stay, along with restaurants and mini shops. Neretva River Mouth is a remote place on the Croatian coast, thus there is no nightlife, everything being quiet after dark.

#2 Gamtoos River Mouth, South Africa

Jeffreys Bay
Jeffreys Bay

Another interesting river mouth you should kitesurf in 2019 is Gamtoos in South Africa. Considered as the ultimate kite adventure heaven, this river mouth is a vast playground for kitesurfers, a perfect combination between the ocean and river tides. Usually, the wind is strong in the first part of the day until 14 or 15 o’clock, but due to the specifics of the African area, it is rather hard to accurately determine when it will blow harder. The average wind speed is consistent and goes the same all year round, while the average temperature is set between 14 and 22 ºC.

The kite spot at Gamtoos River mouth is located at around 65 km from the Port Elizabeth, where you can find different types of accommodation, if you are not interested in camping.

#3 Noosa River Mouth, Australia

Noosa Heads, QSL
Noosa Heads, QSL

The most popular kitesurf spot on the river in Australia is Noosa River Mouth, being perfect for intermediate and experienced kiters. Here the wind has medium strength coming from both Southeast and Northeast, which makes it a perfect challenge for those that want to experience new kitesurfing sensations. The Noosa River Mouth is great for kitesurfing in the afternoon due to the fact that it is the time of day when the wind starts to intensify. Anyhow, keep in mind that the water current and tide are considered to be strong to extremely strong, which means you should pay close attention where it carries you, and make sure you’re able to go upwind.

Due to its popularity, this river kite spot in Australia has a so-called Noosa River Code of Conduct that must be respected by all those that enroll in kitesurfing in the area. You can read all about it on any official Australian website related to sports and tourism.

Being slightly remote, it is best to get accommodation in Brisbane, from which you can reach the kite spot by train, the trip taking around one and a half hour.

#4 Aveiro River, Portugal

Aveiro, Portugal

The Aveiro River kitespot in Portugal is located near Barra Beach, making it the perfect river kite spot for this summer. The water is waist deep, great for beginners and intermediate kitesurfers, if the entry in the water is done from the far south of the river, near the kitesurf school. But, for the experienced kite surfers, the entry on the Costa Nova will do the job as it offers both strong tides and currents.

The best time of the year to kitesurf the Aveiro River is from March to November, when you will benefit from pleasant water temperature and steady winds. Because of the fact that is strategically placed next to a popular summer beach, you will have here accommodation, places to eat and, of course, some beach bars to get the party going all night.

Aveiro river is definitely a unique spot – its a huge (salty) lagoon that converts to a wetland in many areas and you’ll notice the difference in the tide. There are several kite spots around the lagoon, definitely a big area to explore.

#5 Jaguaribe River, Brazil

Canoa Quebrada Brazil
Canoa Quebrada, Brazil

Considered to be one of the best kitesurfing spots in Brazil, the Jaguaribe River known also as Canoa Quebrada (Boca Do Rio) kite spot combines in a unique manner both ocean tides and the currents from the river. It is perfect for all levels of kitesurfing experience, as it offers a large opening towards the sea, allowing everyone to benefit from plenty of space to practice diverse moves. Even though it is a large lagoon, keep in mind that a couple of hours before low tide the water will be entirely flat.

The best time of the year to kitesurf here is from July to February, making it the best kitesurf summer destination. In the mornings the winds blow side shore, while in the afternoon it changes its course to side onshore.

The Jaguaribe River kite spot is close to the Canoa Quebrada Town, which allows you to get easy access to accommodation, the best part being the fact that the vast beach nearby is not crowded offering a quiet setup.

#6 St Francis River Mouth, South Africa

This kite spot is located in a small fishing village by the name St Francis Bay, which gained popularity all over the world due to its interesting architectural style. The mouth of the river offers the best flat-water conditions for kitesurfing, from which you can benefit the most in the summer, the peak season for the winds in the area.

In the village there are several rural places to stay, while camping is available on site. Local cuisine is served, so there are no fancy dinners available or fast food dishes. Anyway, Port Elizabeth is around 120 km away, in case you are considering doing daily trips to the kite spot.


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