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A lot of kiters (and kiters to be) from all around the planet are looking for the next windy season, scouting possible destinations for the next kitesurfing trips, or kite experiences on our website. Whether you offer Kite lessons, Camps, Safaris, scenic Downwinders, (Kite) Cruises, Renting & Repairing the equipment or providing accommodation tailored to kitesurfers – we’d like to list you on our website.

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  • Reach your target audience, create new selling opportunities & referrals
  • Show your business on countries and specific kite spots and on the map
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  • Improve the visibility of your business even more
  • Add offers – kite packages to attract more customers (people love when someone does the planning for them)

For more details see our Pricing Plans.

    Pricing details

    We reserve the right to not publish your listing (you’ll get a refund if you’ve chosen the paid plan).