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Where to Kitesurf in February

Even though in some parts of the world, February is all about snow and winter sports, you can still manage to find perfect kitesurfing destinations. If you’re looking for ideas about kitesurfing in February, the following locations might suit your needs.  #1 Sal, Cape Verde Recently, Cape Verde gained a lot of attention in the kitesurfing world. And there

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Kitesurfing Lakes Around the World

If you are into kitesurfing, we know you are more than willing to search and find the best kitesurfing spot. But besides the open ocean tides and waves, you are surely considering kitesurfing on a lake This will give you a different kitesurf experience, that you will want to repeat each year. So, we’ve set

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Most Interesting River Mouths to Kitesurf

Well, if you enjoy kitesurfing, you probably already know that the ocean is not enough sometimes. Kitesurfing in the ocean can be mesmerizing and unique, while at the sometimes kitesurf a river will give you the experience of your life. Strong water currents, increased wind velocity and many times a nice lagoon, are all benefits

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