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Know where the wind is!

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Switzerland offers numerous alpine lakes that are suitable for kitesurfing. Some of them are on higher altitudes and many suitable for snow kite during winter. In case you’re used to kiting at sea level, you will notice that jumping on higher altitude is more difficult, because the air density is lower.

In general, kitesurfing in Switzerland is prohibited everywhere except in those places that is explicitly allowed. By federal law, you’re required to have liability insurance.

Some of the most popular spots are Silvaplana Lake, Yvonand and around Berlingen at Bodensee. Most of the kite places require a daily/seasonal pass, which you can get at local kite centers and some additional rules of the spot might apply. Check with them, what other paperwork you might need that you won’t face any surprises later.

The best time to kitesurf in Switzerland is summer (June – September), where many places have stronger thermal wind, but if you don’t mind the cold or enjoy snow kite, you can enjoy plenty of windy days during winter, too.

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