Where to Kitesurf in February

Even though in some parts of the world, February is all about snow and winter sports, you can still manage to find perfect kitesurfing destinations. If you’re looking for ideas about kitesurfing in February, the following locations might suit your needs. 

#1 Sal, Cape Verde

Volcano, Sal, Cape Verde

Recently, Cape Verde gained a lot of attention in the kitesurfing world. And there is a good reason why this happened. This small west-African archipelago offers amazing winds and pleasant water temperatures, especially during the winter months. Still, it is best to bring your long wetsuit if you’re planning to kitesurf in February in Sal. You can find here three kitesurfing spots: the Kite Beach, the Ponta Preta, and the Ponta Leme. 

It is best to look for accommodation in nearby Santa Maria, and opt for a short daily commute of 20 minutes to your chosen spot. This small town offers affordable and interesting housing, along with several amenities to keep you occupied in case kitesurfing is not possible. And if you enjoy the nightlife, Santa Maria is a vivid town with numerous bars, live music events or even BBQs on the beach.

#2 Holbox, Mexico

Holbox island, Mexico

Holbox became one of the best Mexican kitesurfing destinations, and we can say for sure, that February is the best month to visit this area. It is at only two hours drive from Cancun in the Yucatan Peninsula. As such, Holbox is separated from the mainland by a lagoon, which will get you the opportunity to admire exquisite local fauna. Even though this is nothing more than a village, the kite conditions in Holbox during February are fantastic. Besides, all levels of experience are encouraged to try the water in Holbox, as the waves and tides aren’t too strong.

You can always consider staying directly in this village, as you will most likely find a lodge or similar accommodation directly on the beach. Of course, there are several hostels and resorts with a more luxurious setting, depending on your budget. And because locals live based on fishing, you will find in restaurants in Holbox plenty of fish dishes with a Mexican flair. 

#3 Luderitz, Namibia

Namibian desert, national park
Namibian desert, national park

Another appealing February destination for kitesurfing is Luderitz & Walvis Bay in Namibia. The wind in Luderitz blows consistently from the same direction and reaches its peak strength in February. Indeed, you can enjoy the winds here from August to March every year. Keep in mind that even though this small town is near a desert, the weather isn’t too hot, meaning you might need a wet suit to kitesurf in the cold Atlantic Ocean waters. The average temperature in Luderitz during the winter months is 16 degrees Celsius. Still, the advantage of kitesurfing in Luderitz is that there are no hazards or beach users in the area.

Because this is a well-established small town, you can choose from a couple of resorts and hotels for your accommodation. Besides, there are all sorts of services available on the premises, meaning you won’t need to rent a car to move around. Kitesurfing in Namibia is still away from the crowds.

#4 Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Port Elizabeth aerial

Port Elizabeth in South Africa is considered as one of those windy cities you shouldn’t miss. Although the area is meant for those that already know how to kitesurf, so beginners are not advised to try kitesurfing in Port Elizabeth. The waters in the area feature small waves, while its depth exceeds two meters. Still, the best month for kitesurfing in Port Elizabeth is February, as the winds get sturdier and more enjoyable to ride. Keep in mind that working winds directions change quite rapidly and can range from E, ESE, SE to SW, WSW, W. and a downside about this destination is that it can become quite crowded during the best season, as plenty of surfers come here to test their skills. 

The upside of choosing this place as your February kitesurfing location is that it is a well-established city. This means you can find numerous things to do in case of a day without kitesurfing conditions. Also, with all sorts of accommodations available within the city’s limits, you will find for sure something that is perfect for you. And if you enjoy the nightlife, many bars are open all night long for you to explore.

#5 Long Bay, Turks & Caicos

Turk and Caicos clear waters

The Turks and Caicos Islands represent the best kitesurfing location for February. Located on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, this area offers shallow blue water and constant trade winds to kitesurfing enthusiasts. And if we add in the fact that the Caribbean climate is welcoming even in February, you will definitely consider this as your kitesurfing trip. Moreover, any rider level is allowed on the premises, as the flatwater lagoon doesn’t pose too much of a challenge. There are several kite spots around the island, and TK Kite Arena is a well-known kitesurfing hub.

Also, if the wind is not strong enough for kitesurfing, you have several activities to do on this island. It is best to consider staying on the island, as there is no public transportation available on site. Anyway, accommodations are welcoming, and the majority of them are on the higher side of the budget. 

#6 Isla De Ometepe, Nicaragua

Cocibolca lake, with volcano
Cocibolca lake, with a volcano

Rated as the most visited kitesurfing location in the world, Isla De Ometepe is not as crowded as you might think. And the best part about it is that February represents the best month to practice your skills. The wind type here is frontal, featuring small waves. Still, the area is known for its hazards due to the stones found in the waters. The windiest month is February, but you can kitesurf here both in January and March. 

A downside about Isla de Ometepe is that it is accessible only by boat. Also, there are a couple of hostels on the island, along with some bars and restaurants. But those that visited this kitesurfing spot say it is best to find accommodation in nearby areas or opt for traveling by boat to the spot. 


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