November Hotspots to Kitesurf

November starts the transition to the winter months; meaning is one of the best moments of the year to kitesurf. The winds get stronger by day, being steady and leading to breath-taking speeds, that you won’t encounter during other times of the year because they start in the morning and grow in intensity up until evening. Thus, if you are thinking about kitesurfing in November, here is our selection of the top kitesurf places to visit in 2019 during this time of year.

#1 Taiba, Brazil

Kitesurfing Brazil

Taiba became one of the most wanted kitesurfing destinations in the world during the past years because it represents a modest village located between Cumbuco and Paracuru, being just 10 minutes away from the popular kitesurfing lagoon in Brazil. Here the probability of having a strong wind in November goes up to 95% with a force that goes between 18 and 32 knots.
Even though there is some area suitable for beginners, the hole spot is mainly perfect for experienced or freestyle riders, as it allows you to experiment with your moves due to the large lagoon and constant, steady winds.

So, if you are considering this kiting trip to Brazil, you should know that you can either fly directly to Fortaleza (but it is quite far east of Brazil) or opt for an affordable flight with connection to ports such as Sao Paolo.

There are several choices of accommodation in the village, mainly consisting of small houses and the locals will serve you authentic Brazilian food.

#2 Whitsunday Island, Australia

Stunning Whitsunday Island

Labelled as the best kitesurfing spot in Australia, Whitsunday Island is great for visiting in November. To get here you will have to fly to the nearest airport located in Hamilton Island or to the nearby Whitsunday Coast airport.

Keep in mind that Whitsunday Island is a protected national park, meaning you will have to find accommodation nearby. We recommend the Hamilton Island, where various hotels and hostels are available, from where you can reach the kite spot by boat. Also, various bistros, tavernas or restaurants serve all sorts of dishes, including some fast food.

#3 La Rinconada, Chile

Kite Zone, La Rinconada
Kite zone in La Rinconada, Chile (Ibar Araya)

La Rinconada is commonly known as the paradise for kite surfers because of its natural lagoon with constant winds. Anyhow, it features an uneven reef and sand, which means you will have to be attentive when you move around. The southeasterly winds will get you decent speeds, making it perfect for all levels of experience.

So, if you are thinking about traveling in November for kitesurfing, you should know the following about La Rinconada. First of all, it is a small city located nearby Santiago, where you will probably fly as it is the International Airport in the area. You can reach La Rinconada by bus, while the Valparaiso kite spot is available also by bus.

Anyhow, for accommodation you will have to choose between staying in La Rinconada, where is better food diversity, or directly on the beach, where you will have to settle for local cuisine dishes.

#4 Paracas Bay, Peru

Paracas National Reserve Peru
Paracas National Reserve (DocSlyper)

Paracas is a small town on the west coast of Peru, with a desert-like landscape, impressive wildlife and the most reliable kitesurfing winds in November that range between 12 to 25 knots.
It is a beach suitable for all rider levels, while the spot comes with flat water, small waves up to 1 meter and hard sand beach. Due to the fact that it is one of the best kitesurfing destinations worldwide, Paracas Bay offers different types of accommodations such as hostels, hotels, beach houses, depending on your preferences. All are available close to the beach, meaning you will have to walk to it no more than 5 minutes. Mostly, you will find local restaurants, but if you search thoroughly you might manage to get some international dishes, too.

#5 Jericoacoara, Brazil

Jericoacoara Beach

Kitesurfers praise Jericoacoara because of its exquisite location along the coast of Northern Brazil, packed with kite spots. Moreover, it comes with lots of opportunities for downwinders, while the windiest month for kitesurfing is November.

The best travel option for getting here is flying to the Fortaleza airport, from where you can reach Jericoacoara by bus, yet you can opt for renting a car just to arrive earlier than the bus would.

This kitesurfing destination is packed with distinct accommodation types, mainly small villas or beach houses, while almost all offer great breakfast. The restaurants in the area serve local cuisine, using local fruits and fish, but there are some options that resemble some of the international cuisine foods.

#6 Hadicurari Beach, Aruba


Although it is a fairly preserved place, Hadicurari Beach (Palm Beach) is usually a bit crowded, featuring an on-side on wind and being recommended for intermediate to expert surfers, as it might take some skill to avoid obstacles. Usually, in November the wind reaches a constant speed up of 35 knots.

A kite spot being a bit of a remote place, there are still places to stay relatively near, though the local Kite school will offer you a room to stay upon request. At a decent distance, you will find some inns or hostels, while for food near the spot you will have to settle for dishes served by local restaurants.

#7 Boracay, Philippines

Boracay sailing

The kitesurfing season in Boracay starts in November with crystal clear waters and reliable winds. All kitesurfers agree that Boracay is one of the world’s best kite spots, perfect for all levels of experience.

You can get here by flying to the Kalibo airport, though we do not recommend it as the transfer goes up to 90 minutes, instead, you can book a flight to Caticlan Airport and the transfer will get you to your destination in no more than 30 minutes.

Straight on the beach, you will find everything you will need including affordable accommodation, diverse restaurants, cafes, and even kite or souvenir shops. Yet from November it might be a great idea to stay on the West coast, the white beach Angol point. Also, keep in mind no matter the time of the year, this is an extremely torrid destination, so you will want to have some air conditioning available at your accommodation.


When traveling with your kites, don’t forget about travel insurance that covers you while you kite!

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