Where to Kitesurf in October

For those of us that enjoy powerful winds, kitesurfing in October is the best option. Almost all October kitesurfing destinations come with constant, powerful winds, that allow you to reach impressive speeds and experience an adrenaline boost. So, if you are looking for the best kite spots for October, here are the top travel destinations for water sports enthusiasts that you will definitely want to add to your to-do list this year.

#1 Cumbuco, Brazil

Fortaleza Beach, BR
Fortaleza, Brazil

Being one of the first kitesurfing spots in Brazil, Cumbuco is a small fishing village located close by Fortaleza. During autumn, especially in October, it offers strong, constant winds, while its famous lagoons are perfect for intermediate, experts and even freestyle surfers.

During the past years, it developed into a small community, mainly of kite enthusiasts, which is why here you will find all you need. The accommodation comes in the form of Airbnb locations, hostels, hotels or even nice beach houses, all with a diversity of price range, which we can safely assume anyone can find something suitable for their needs here. Also, diverse restaurants and local cuisine is served here, so all you have to do is get to the spot and enjoy your trip with no worries.

#2 Gnaraloo, Western Australia

The kitesurfing season for Gnaraloo starts in September and ends in April, while October is considered to be the best time of the year to visit. The waves range from small to big, being extremely steady, yet it is a slightly remote spot, while in some occasion’s sharks can be spotted in the area.

Accommodation is rare, so either you will have to travel many km a day to and from the kite spot, or you can opt for staying at the Gnaraloo Homestead, the only tourist attraction in the area.

#3 Ishigaki, Japan

Igishaki, Japan

Another popular kite spot in October is Ishigaki from Japan. Kitesurfers recommend this place due to its flat and choppy water and, of course, because of the waves on the reef. Starting with October, this is a top kitesurfing destination with strong NE winds.

Yet accommodation is available everywhere on the island, while the international airport will leave you in the middle of it. You can opt for hostels or hotels, though Airbnb is almost inexistent, so cheaper options are hard to find when it comes to places to stay. Local cuisine consists of authentic Japanese dishes, so it will be a bit tricky to find some international or even fast-food restaurants.

#4 Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia

The best time of the year to visit Port Douglas for kitesurfing is October. Being the starting point of the Great Reef Barrier and the Daintree Rainforest, both listed in the World Heritage, the area abounds of impressive winds, especially in autumn.

You can easily book a place to stay depending on your preferences, as in the past years Port Douglas became one of the most wanted kitesurfing places. So, you will find here diverse resorts, hotels, while restaurants offer all sorts of dishes, including takeaway. Anyway, in the majority of cases, you will be served with fresh fruits and fish, as it is found in abundance in the area.

Moreover, if you stumble upon a windless day, you can go exploring the Wildlife Habitat, Palmer Sea Reef or the Trinity Bay Lookout. This is that kind of kite spot that offers everything you can think of.

#5 Pescadores Islands, Taiwan

Penghu, Taiwan
Penghu, Taiwan

The kitesurfing season in Pescadores Island starts in October, when the winds reach their strongest peak of up to 27 knots. Keep in mind that this place is recommended for intermediate or experienced surfers, as the North East wind blows constantly, leading to impressive kite speeds, that can be tricky to manage if you are a beginner.

Kitesurfing in October in Taiwan, especially on this island, will get you some sort of exclusivity, as you might turn out to be the only kitesurfer practicing on the whole island. Anyhow, it is a great kiting place for anyone that loves adrenaline-pumping their veins all day long.

You can opt for staying at the nearby Longman Villa, from where you have the possibility of renting a van to reach the kiting spots. Yet there are some other accommodation options in the area, too, but international food is limited in options, so you will have to settle for some local Taiwanese dishes.

#6 West Bay/Barkers, Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands

Well, if you are searching for more exquisite kite spots in October, you can choose the West Bay in the Cayman Islands, which comes with a soothing lagoon and consistent winds that start in October.

This mesmerizing Caribbean island is a popular kitesurfing destination worldwide, being a great manner to escape the day-to-day routine and emerge into a variety of activities including scuba diving, snorkeling and, of course, kitesurfing. West Bay features 318 windy days per year, so you will definitely have to kite here at least once in your lifetime!

Even though it is a slightly remote kite spot, you can find at a decent walking distance a couple of nice beach-house accommodations, but due to the location being extremely popular amongst American tourists, it is highly recommended to check availability before traveling here. Also, you can find some villas or beach houses straight on the beach, while restaurants focus mainly on international cuisine.

If you are unlucky and stumble upon a day with little to no winds, you can explore the island by visiting Baker’s National Park, a protected area of beaches, greenery and fauna that will leave you speechless. And you should probably visit the Dolphin Cove, too, as the cute mammals will entice you with their intelligence.


When traveling with your kites, don’t forget about travel insurance that covers you while you kite!

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