Top Kitespots in December

If you love kitesurfing, it doesn’t mean you need to stop practicing during the cold season. There are plenty of spots suitable for kitesurfing in December (and not only!), which you can enjoy no matter your level of experience. So, let’s see where you can kitesurf in December! You’ll be amazed by those spots!

#1 Langebaan, RSA

Langebaan lagoon kitesurfing, RSA

Positioned on the West coast at only one-and-a-half-hour drive from Cape Town, Langebaan is one of the most popular kitesurfing spots in Africa. This town offers a fantastic view over a turquoise bay, along with three key spots spread on Pearly’s Beach, Cape Sports Bay, and Shark Bay. And the best part about this location is that it is sparsely populated. This means you can enjoy your practice in a quiet and undisturbed setting.

The peak season for kitesurfing in Langebaan is between October and March, so if you’re planning to visit it in December, it might be a great choice. The Langebaan Lagoon has a wide beach and flat water with a little chop, which is great for beginner riders. By this kitesurfing spot is quite popular amongst intermediate or advanced riders, especially for freestyle and freeride kitesurfing. Keep in mind that during the winter months, the wind here can get strong, with the main direction from SE to S. There are different accommodation options available, including a couple of hostels and Airbnb places. Still, the local restaurant in the area can entice you with a lot of traditional cuisine dishes. 

#2 Laguna Garzon, Uruguay

Huts in Laguna Garzón

Indeed, Uruguay might not be so famous in the kitesurfing world, but we can say for sure that Laguna Garzon is a great kitesurfing destination in December. No matter what level of experience you have, this lagoon has plenty to offer. The gentle waves of the South Atlantic, the flat water, and the welcoming scenery will make your experience here unforgettable.

The best part about this lagoon is that inside it, you can kite in any wind direction. And the waves range from choppy to medium, depending on the time of the day you’re practicing. The biggest city near to Laguna Garzon is Montevideo, at a two-and-a-half-hour drive. But rest assured you have all standard amenities available on-site, including gear rental shops, a bar, a local restaurant, and a couple of hotels

#3 Silver Sands, Barbados

Barbados beach

And if you’re looking for a less remote kite spot for your December adventure, the Silver Sands area in Barbados might be the best solution for you. The kitesurfing season here starts in late November, and it is a good kitesurfing spot for those looking for tall waves that shore break sometimes quite strong. In December, you can see here mid-sized waves, but it is not unusual to experience up to four feet tall waves. Thus, this means that kitesurfing in Silver Sands, Barbados is recommended for either intermediate or expert riders, as there is the risk for strong winds or waves that can become tricky to master by a beginner. 

Still, if you stumble upon a day in which kitesurfing is not safe, you got access to plenty of amenities ranging from restaurants to beach bars. Also, there are plenty of beach areas for sunbathing and swimming you can explore. Overall, you’ve got to choose from all types of accommodation, including beach lodges, hotels, or AirBnBs.

#4 La Ventana, Mexico

California Baja Sur Sunset
California Baja Sur

Some say that La Ventana, Mexico, can quickly become the new Tarifa of the kitesurfing world. This small town is located at only 30 minutes’ drive from La Paz City in the amazing Sea of Cortez. But what attracts many kite surfers here is the northerly wind that blows consistently from late November through April. La Ventana offers quite an authentic Mexican setup, and it is a preferred kitesurfing destination for both American and Canadian kiters and windsurfers. So, what you need to know about this spot is that the wind usually starts to blow around 12:30 pm, meaning if you’re an early kiter, you won’t find it enjoyable here. Still, for those that enjoy spending both their afternoon and evening on the water, this is a top kitesurfing location with winds blowing between 12 to 25 knots until 6 pm. 

There are various accommodation options, despite being a rather small town. You get to select from campsites, hostels, hotels, or even rental houses, depending on your preferences and budget. And you won’t have to worry about restaurants and pubs, either. There are quite a few authentic Mexican places where you can discover and explore Mexican cuisine. 

#5 Kish, Iran

Shipwreck, Kish Island
Ship wreck at Kish island, Iran

If you aim to discover an exquisite kite spot in the world, Kish in Iran is the best one. This is a resort island, with its own airport and small country vibe. It is a free trade zone in the Persian Gulf, and it gained a lot of attention from kite surfers from all around the world. Summers here are extremely hot, the recommended kitesurf season in Kish starts in December. Keep in mind that local experts advise about the dangers in these waters due to the many corals found along the shore. Although you might be able to visit Kish without a visa, Iran is a conservative country and you need to respect local dress-code, even when doing sport. Please check with the local kite community what are the expected norms (especially for women), to avoid any hassle.

Still, this is an excellent destination to kitesurf in December, as there is a constant wind blowing throughout the day, for all levels of experience. The wind is mostly thermal. Waves range from small to choppy, being a good place to learn a new trick, or simply practice your existing ones. And the best part about the island is that you can find all sorts of local attractions, amenities and entertainment solutions. You can find all types of accommodation on-site, along with restaurants with both local and international cuisines. Thus, it is safe to say this is an interesting and somehow a lavish spot to kitesurf in December. 


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