Wild, Remote & (almost) Never Heard of Kitesurfing Destinations

The truth is kitesurfing represents an amazing sports activity you can perform usually on ocean waters or in some cases in large lakes or river mouths. Those kitesurf spots are in many cases packed up with kitesurfing enthusiasts that come just like you when the wind and waves are at their best. So, what should you do if you are an adventurous kind of kitesurfer and aim for a different kitesurfing spot and experience? Well, we suggest you to get ready to enroll in the adventure of your life. Why? Read on to find out about the wildest and never heard about kitesurfing locations that are both adventurous and a bit extreme.

Please respect wind and weather conditions and don’t overestimate your abilities.

#1 Jökulsarlon Ice Lagoon, Iceland

So, in the Southeast Iceland, you will stumble upon a glacier lagoon packed up with icebergs. Even though this lagoon is popular amongst tourist due to the impressive frozen landscape, we propose you to enrol in a different kind of kitesurfing. Forget about warm and windy kite spots, and embrace the arctic temperatures and frozen waters. It is a unique kitesurfing paradise that will definitely challenge you!

To get here you will have to fly to Reykjavik from where you can either rent a car or book a tour trip to the lagoon. Keep in mind that the drive takes around 6 hours, so if you are considering driving yourself, it is best to save two days for the drive there. On the other hand, the tour must be booked in advance, so it is a great idea to contact local tour guides before landing in Reykjavik.

Check with local authorities, whether the access is allowed, and make sure your wetsuit and you are suitable for temperatures in 0 ºC.

#2 Lake Baikal, Russia

Russia keeps for itself all its marvelous treasures, as it is the case with Lake Baikal. Deeply frozen in winter, and nice in the summer, Lake Baikal in Russia, is actually the perfect spot for kitesurfing. Basically, it is a large lake that feels like sea, with small to choppy waves or great lagoon.

The recommended route to reach the Lake is through Moscow. After flying there, you can take the train from Moscow to Ulan-Ude, a journey that lasts around 4 days. An alternative route is through Beijing, as the train from there to Moscow takes less than 2 days. To get to the lake, you’ll be best off to rent a 4WD and have an experience of a lifetime.


#3 Lake Kapchagai & Lake Balkash, Kazakhstan

One of the biggest and impressive lakes in Asia – Lake Balkash, or a bit easier accessible Balkhash Lake gets its water from seven distinct rivers, making it perfect for trying some kitesurfing moves.

It’s scenic, wild and nice, and you’re not the first kitesurfer here – but most likely the only one. Kazakhstan has few great kitesurfers that kite pretty much everywhere and all year round!

#4 Nitinat Lake, Canada

Considered a hidden oasis from the large public, the Nitinat Lake in Canada is great for kitesurfers looking for constant thermal winds. The lake opens to the Pacific Ocean making it both interesting and challenging.

In order to get here, you can firstly fly to Nanaimo, the closest airport, from where you will have to rent a car (there is no public transport). The only accommodation available is a campsite and better bring everything you need with you!

#5 Titicaca Lake (Uros Island), Peru

When you say Peru, you say the challenge of your life! Everyone here will try to bargain you, to convince you they offer the best, so if you are considering a trip to kitesurf on the Titicaca Lake, you should take into consideration the following.

After landing on the Lima International Airport, it is highly recommended to opt for taking a direct flight to Juliaca, a flight of around 3 hours from where you can reach Puno by bus, this being the closest you will get to the lake with the bus. After this, a ferry crosses daily towards the Lake and you will spend another 4 hours traveling. The good part is that you can easily find accommodation in Puno, which means you can opt for taking the ferry the following day of your arrival.

More about Lake Titicaca Kiteboarding.

#6 Tromsø, Norway

Least, but the most impressive and unforgettable destination for kitesurfing, is Tromsø during winter! With some luck, it offers you the chance to kitesurf under the marvelous northern lights. There are several (summer) kitespots around Tromsø.

Seeing northern lights it’s a common thing on the bucket list. Why not kitesurf under?

#7 Karakul Lake, Tajikistan

Extremely remote, unfrozen just in the end of summer, and on just under 4000 m above sea level. Scenic views – Roof of the World in Pamir mountains – Krakul lake. If you head there, don’t forget to aclimatize before heading to the village. Yes, people live there, no matter the altitude or the (winter) cold. Roof of the World Regatta was organized there few years in the row.

See here https://fb.watch/b0nZKUrg6C/


Bottom line, all the never heard about kitesurfing destinations mentioned above require a lot of planning and a long travel distance. Booking in advance flights or accommodation is highly recommended when it comes to remote areas to explore. Besides the traveling issues you have to consider, you will have to check local weather reports to see the weather forecast and the winds in the area. Anyway, all the effort and planning will definitely get you the best kitesurfing experience in a unique location you will forever remember!

When traveling with your kites, don’t forget about travel insurance that covers you while you kite!

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