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Norway, with its dramatic fjords, rugged coastlines, and pristine waters, offers kitesurfers a unique playground for their favorite sport. Although Norway is not typically associated with kitesurfing, it has been gaining popularity among enthusiasts seeking an extraordinary Scandinavian adventure and has a vibrant local kite scene, in Summer and Winter.

The kitesurfing season in Norway typically spans from late spring to early autumn, with the best conditions occurring from June to September. During this period, Norway experiences its warmest weather, and coastal areas see consistent thermal winds.

Jæren coast offers a mix of sandy stretches and rugged landscapes. Kitesurfers can enjoy challenging conditions, including waves and strong winds, in this picturesque area. Sola beach, relatively close to Stavanger, is among the most popular.

South of Farsund, Lista area is popular among local kitesurfers and offers sandy beaches with flat and wave conditions. Near Oslo area, popular spots are Larkollen and in Svelvik.


In winter, the wind is stronger and there are more windy days than in summer. If you’re looking for a snow kite experience, Norway is definitely the place. Generally, the best snow-kite season is from December to April, but you can snow-kite from the end of October to the beginning of June.  Finnmark and Tromsø are especially popular regions with very consistent winds primarily driven by temperature differences between the land and the sea.

Popular areas for snow-kite are Hardangervidda Plateau, Finnmark Plateau, Tromsø, Stryn and Hemsedal ski resorts, and Jotunheimen National park.

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