Best Places to Learn to Kitesurf in 2022

Looking for a good place to learn to kitesurf? Most of people prefer flat water and waist deep lagoons to start the kitesurf journey as it is easier and faster to get on the board. When learning in deep water you can do so from the boat and you won’t fear the deep water at your next destination. You might prefer to stay away from the (over) crowded beaches and learn peacefully at your own pace and still enjoy the kite ambient!

While it might seem otherwise, you don’t need much strength at all to be able to kitesurf, as you are hooked into the harness and use your body weight (not arms) to go with the wind. To stir the kite you don’t need much strength in your hands (until you start doing some tricks 😉 )

When signing up for a beginners kitesurfing course make sure that your instructor and you don’t face any language barriers and that you’ll get the IKO card (International Kitesurfing Organization) so you’ll be able to continue the course and rent equimpment worldwide.

Rhodes Island, Greece

Season: Apr – Oct

Greece – the kitesurfers wonderland! You can’t go wrong visiting any of the Greek islands for your kite adventure – Naxos, Paros, Rhodes, or Kos – wind in Aegean never stops! Enjoy the blue warm waters, strong and steady wind, friendly locals, delicious food, and good vibes in general. The nights of good music, chilling out, beach parties, and meeting like-minded people; all that combined with kitesurfing classes.

4 days kitesurf camp for beginners starts at 500 € (w/ accommodation), the most popular 6 Days kitesurf pack at 590 € (accommodation & breakfast) while experience kiters can opt-in to Advanced Kitesurf Camp to improve their skills and learn new tricks! Or just go there on your own, there are accommodation options for all tastes.

Dakhla, Western Sahara (Morocco)

Season: All year, particularly Mar – Nov

The sand dunes. The ocean. The lagoon (so big you don’t see on the other side). The wind! Between the desert and the ocean, with steady wind pretty much all year round, Dakhla Lagoon is a perfect spot to learn to kitesurf. There is plenty of space available so you won’t need to worry about getting too close to other kitesurfers. Dakhla is a great kite hub and a must destination for every kiter. The shallow lagoon makes it a perfect place to start your kitesurfing journey in a unique environment. There are several kite schools with accommodation/resorts available and if you’re looking for “Eat-Sleep-Kitesurf-Repeat” break, Dakhla is definitely a place to go!

Enjoy the holiday kitesurfing between sand dunes! Kitesurfing packages start at 600 € for a few days beginners course with accommodation and there are several full-board offers if you’d prefer those.

Progreso, Yucatan, Mexico

Season: Nov – June

Learn to kite in the windiest place in Mexico! There are several scenic kite spots in the area, and each of them brings its own characteristics and sceneries – El Playon, Ría de Chelem, Chuburna. While mornings in Progreso can be quiet, you can explore the surroundings or just enjoy lazy mornings in the hammock. There are several nice restaurants in the area to experience local food. July and August can get busy with local and international tourists but the wind season is not the best during that time. Progreso offers a big shallow lagoon with plenty of space and is a great spot to learn to kite.

Starting at $900 for a private kitesurfing course and beach-side accommodation with breakfast, Kitesurfing package by Yuckite is a great option!

Soma Bay (Safaga), El Gouna & Hurghada, Egypt

Season: All year, particularly Apr – Oct

You can’t go wrong signing up for a kitesurfing course in Egypt! While wind goes round all year long, the best kite season is between April to October. At the Red Sea coast, there are several great kitesurfing spots suitable for beginners where you can enjoy a lot of space, great wind, and flatwater lagoon(s). Or – if you’re a more adventurous person – join a kite boat/cruise in Soma Bay! Turquoise waters, white sandbanks, warm water and hot sun! When not kitesurfing you can snorkel or dive on the reefs and experience the culture! A kite vacation you’ll definitely remember.

Kitesurfing weekly package From Zero to Hero in El Gouna starts at $1400, and Kitesurf Camp in Hurghada at $1100. You can also check for accommodation in Safaga and El Gouna & Hurghada.

Lagos, Algarve, Portugal

Season: Apr – Oct

Hang out, party, and of course, learn to kitesurf in the company of like-minded people from all around the world! Wind in Algarve during Summer is mostly thermal, which builds up during the day and peaks in the afternoon. While “waiting” for the wind to pick up, you can join yoga, SUP, surf or even visit a wakeboarding club nearby. Algarve is a well-known tourist destination and during the Summer the atmosphere (and nightlife) is great! You’ll meet plenty of people. The Lagoon of Alvor is a great spot for beginners and there are several other known spots nearby such as Meia Praia or all the way to Ilha de Faro.

Learn to kite in a Kitesurfing vacation in Lagos (starting with 735 € – accommodation & half-board), join the Intensive weekly kite course (from 640 € with breakfast and accommodation) or try the Wake & Kite Combo in Algarve (accommodation & half-board from 890 €). Check other accommodation option in Lagos.

Brisbane, Australia

Season: Sep – Apr

Get ready and put that shrimp on the barbie! Shallow water, sand bottom, no ocean current and steady 13-18 knots wind are characteristics of Sandgate Kite Beach – a great place to learn to kite “Down Under”. In this kitesurfing camp, you will learn all the basic skills from safety, set up, flying the kite, and body drag. You’ll learn how to relaunch and self-rescue, and then you are then ready for the board! In case of no wind, you can do other sports such as kayak and SUP, or combine the kite classes with windsurfing.

Surf Connect Watersports Centre offers a Five days beginner kitesurfing course with accommodation starting at AUD 2480. You can also sign up for a week of Multi-activity Combo! Surely the best experience is to stay in the kite-house, there are also other options available.

Cumbuco, Brazil

Season: Year-round, particularly Jul – Jan

Cumbuco is a small finish village not far away from Fortaleza, known worldwide as kitesurfing Mecca and (one of) the best kite spots in the world! Meet new people from all over the world, enjoy the sun & wind, and have fun! Pretty much anyone you’ll meet here, came here to kitesurf! Amazing landscapes, steady wind, Cauipe Kite Lagoon and great kite ambient. A memorable vacation and a great place to get hooked and learn to kite.

There are several kite packs available, from a few days, to a few weeks. 7 days kitesurf camp for beginners starts at $540 (with accommodation and breakfast), 7 days kite camp by Hotel e Pousada Cumbuco Guesthouse or a longer 1 or 2-weeks Kitesurf holiday starting at $970 / $1100. Even if this is not the biggest place it has plenty of accommodation available for all ranges.

Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka

Season: July – Aug & Dec – Feb

Kalpitiya is a kitesurfing paradise with a nice (local and international) kite community during the season. Although it is in a remote and a bit isolated area you’ll meet plenty of other kitesurfers and there are many kite schools to choose from. Your best bet is to stay in a kite resort (plenty of them for all budgets) and book a kitesurfing package with them. They’ll also provide you with the food, and transport to the spot (car or boat) where you’ll learn to kite in a nice lagoon. The water is warm so you won’t need a wetsuit but rather sunscreen or lycra to protect you from the sun. There are weekly beach bar gatherings so you can mingle with other people outside of the water. Apart from wind, you can visit several small islands in the area (or do a kite trip), experience the slow life of a Sri Lankan village, and enjoy the food.

During the season wind is guaranteed! A week of stay with full/half board and a beginner’s kitesurfing course starts at around $500-700.

When signing up for a kite camp and traveling abroad, don’t forget about travel insurance that covers you while you kite!

Be sure to travel abroad with a travel/medical insurance that covers kitesurfing activity. More →

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