Best Kitesurfing Beaches in April

Starting in April, numerous kitesurfing destinations begin to become crowded. Indeed, the crowds are not as vast as it happens during summer, but you should expect more and more people gathering on the beach. Anyhow, there are quite a few kite spots for April, which offer both great kitesurfing conditions and remote locations to enjoy.

#1 El Cuyo, Mexico

Puerto de Abrigo Chubruna, Yucatan
Puerto de Abrigo Chubruna, Yucatan

El Cuyo in Mexico offers fantastic wind conditions almost every day of the year. And the best part about kitesurfing in Cuyo is that all skill levels can practice here. Besides, it is a rather remote location, meaning you won’t have to deal with tourist crowds. With its island atmosphere, this location is great for learners to master the skills of this sport. The kitesurfing season in El Cuyo starts in February and lasts until June. Still, the best month to kitesurf here is April, as the steady winds can reach up to 23 knots. Keep in mind that mornings usually have lighter winds, meaning you will have to start your activity at mid-day/afternoon. 

This place has everything to offer, including an amazing internet connection. Still, if you’re looking for nightlife opportunities, you should know the bars in the area are scarce. On the other hand, you can find plenty of Airbnbs and accommodation with the locals at affordable prices. 

#2 Nyali, Kenya

Nyali beach, Kenya
Nyali beach, Kenya

Nyali in Kenya is a lesser-known kitesurfing destination with a lot of potential. This hidden gem offers the best combination of cross-shore winds, flat lagoon waters, and manageable waves. It is a suitable spot for anyone, including beginners and advanced kiters. The trade winds blow with consistency with changing strengths throughout the day. In April, you will find here the south-eastern Kuzi wind, which can be an interesting challenge for kiters. Anyhow, keep in mind that by the end of April, the rainy season starts. The average water temperature in Nyali is 28 ºC, while the air temperature can exceed 30 ºC. Thus, you won’t require a wetsuit.

When it comes to accommodation and amenities, Nyali can satisfy any taste. There are plenty of budget solutions and exclusive resorts from which you can choose.

#3 Lagoinha, Brazil

Lagoinha, Brazil

Lagoinha is a kite spot located in Ceara, between Paracuru and Guajiru. Overall, this is a remote Brazilian village that offers you the opportunity to enjoy the authentic living experience of a local. The kitesurfing conditions in Lagoinha are versatile, so you can either have demanding waves or flat waters. Still, it is a great place for all levels of experience, as the wind blows with regularity. Keep in mind that there are specially created launching areas, meaning you aren’t allowed to kite in the zones reserved for swimming or surfing. 

As mentioned above, this small village will get you to experience the authentic Brazilian life. As such, you can find accommodations, consisting of small houses along the shore. But if you feel like you need something different, a bit of research on can reveal additional options. Besides this, local restaurants serve traditional dishes, which are both exciting and tasty.

#4 Greatstone Beach, Kent, United Kingdom

Kent, UK

If you’re looking for a challenging kitesurfing destination for April, the Greatstone Beach in Kent, United Kingdom, might be the best solution for you. This place is close to New Romney in Kent and will get you access to an impressive beach with several professional kitesurfing approaches. Overall, the beach has a shallow shore., meaning that if you stumble upon a low tide, you’ll have to walk for some time to reach the water. This place is suitable for beginners, as it has quite a shallow design. Still, there are plenty of hazards you should look for, including that the swell can become extremely big when you head out. Thus, it is recommended to stick nearer the beach if you feel like you don’t master the kite as an expert should. Besides this, the electric cables are close to the launching or landing zone, meaning you will have to be extremely careful at high tide. And as it is the case with several beaches in the United Kingdom, the beach can be used by horse riders, dog walkers, or swimmers. This means you have to practice this sport with a lot of caution.

The area surrounding Greatstone beach has some amenities available. So, you can find a gear store, a kiting school, several accommodation inns, and a couple of restaurants.

#5 Sicily, Italy

Cefalu, Sicily
Cefalu, Sicily

One of the best kitesurfing destinations in April is Sicily in Italy. Some say this place is like heaven for kiters, as the Mediterranean climate and clear, warm waters offer the best kitesurfing conditions. Sicily is filled with kite spots for all levels of experience. Some of the best areas to kitesurf in Sicily, including Lo Stagnone, Puzziteddu, Mondello, and Santa Maria del Focallo. Overall, you will find here a constant wind coming in from the north-west area. Still, Sicily is known for its more than 200 kiting days per year that start in April. So, you can rest assured you will find an amazing kite beach and spot here.

And you won’t have to worry about accommodation or other services. Sicily is well-known amongst tourists from all over the world, meaning you will get access to plenty of places to stay, along with activities to do. 

#6 Djerba, Tunisia

Beach in Djerba, Tunisia

Djerba in Tunisia is an exciting kite spot with a high probability of wind, especially during spring. It has shallow and flat water, meaning you can ride here no matter your level of experience. It is best to kitesurf in Djerba in April, as summer months can bring up a lot of seaweed in the water. Anyway, there are a couple of kitesurfing camps in Djerba that offer kite lessons, gear, or any other thing you might need.

This place has affordable accommodation and amenities while being great for leisure activities such as a visit to local attractions. Still, there is no thriving nightlife, and you should be advised that drinking alcohol in public is prohibited unless you’re on the premises of a beach bar. 


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