[Work in progress :D]

All started on an epic journey thru Central Asia, where I spotted a Roof of The world Regatta going on in Karakul, Tajikistan. An ultra scenic lake and colorful kites was what it got me. Later on, my first touch with kites was in the land of wind – Azerbaijan, a not-so-typical destination of what someone would choose to touch the kites for the first time … :))

Karakul, Tajikistan
Karakul lake (Ej Wolfson)

There were a few places and a lot of wind hunting before I finally caught the wind and learned to kite for good! 😀 End of the kite season is a month too early, unexpected weather etc .. One of the reasons, why I started the Kite Jungle. To find the best kite destinations per month – and include even the remote kite spots.

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