Best Kite Places in January

Kitesurfing is such an exciting sport that you can practice all around the world no matter the season we’re in. And, of course, there are plenty of kitesurfing destinations for January, which you can try and explore. Besides, not many people embark on a traveling session at the beginning of the year, which means you will avoid any tourist crowds, if there is the case. So, let’s see which are the best kite spots for January to add on your to-do list. 

#1 Mui Ne, Vietnam

Mui Ne Kitesurfing

Mui Ne in Vietnam is one of the best kitesurfing destinations in January, but you can travel here in any month. And it is possible to kitesurf here no matter the season, as this place has two kitesurfing seasons, one in summer and one in winter. As a result, more than 70% of the year is perfect for kitesurfing. There are two wind directions: a southern one in summer, and a northern one in winter. Still, kitesurfing in Mui Ne is rather impressive in January, as the north winds are stronger and more consistent. Mui Ne offers kite spots for beginners, intermediate and experienced kiters so that everyone has plenty of space to practice. Keep in mind that morning winds are more suitable for beginners, as they are lighter. 

And because Mui Ne is a preferred tourist destination in Vietnam, you can find here all sorts of accommodations ranging from local guest houses to five-star hotels. But the good side of this is that there are plenty of activities to do besides kitesurfing, along with several restaurants and bars you can explore.

#2 Bahamas


The Bahamas is an all-time favorite kitesurfing destination amongst those that enjoy practicing this sport. Still, one of the most visited kite spots in the Bahamas is Cat Island. This is one of the 700 islands of the Bahamas, where you can enjoy the quietness of nature and practice your kitesurfing skills. The wind here blows between 10 to 25 knots almost the entire year. Still, January is one of the best months to visit this spot, as you can expect between 5 to 7 days per week of kite-friendly weather. And the best part about it is that even in winter months the air temperature doesn’t drop below 26 degrees Celsius! Many surfers say that even in January, you won’t need a wetsuit, as the water temperature goes around 24 degrees Celsius.

So, if you’re considering the Bahamas as your next kitesurfing destination, you should know that you have plenty of options for accommodation.

#3 Dubai, UAE

dubai, UAE

If you’re searching for the ideal location for kitesurfing in January, Dubai is our recommendation. The long beaches and pleasant winds allow you to practice this exciting sport no matter if you’re a beginner, an intermediate, or an experienced kiter. Keep in mind that even though kitesurfing is allowed at almost all public beaches in Dubai, you will have to follow and comply with the UAE’s kitesurfing regulations. So, amongst the top rules, one must follow to kitesurf in Dubai, that untrained surfers are allowed to kitesurf only under the supervision of a qualified instructor. Also, kiters must remain at least at the length of their lines from the beach, while advanced kite surfers need to allow novices to pass, without interfering with their practices. 

When it comes to accommodation, you have several options and amenities to choose from. This is a touristy spot, you get access to everything you might need. Still, for the best experience and for the possibility to start practicing early in the morning, it is best to consider a resort on the beach. 

#4 Santa Veronica, Colombia

Colombia flag

Santa Veronica kite spot in Colombia is a tranquil location in the middle of a preserved spot. Still, you should know that this is a top destination amongst tourists, so at the time you might find the beaches crowded. Anyhow, if you opt for kitesurfing in January, you will enjoy plenty of space and fewer crowds than in the summer months. There are several freeride zones, still, the flat areas suitable for beginners come with a restriction: a learner must attempt to learn kitesurfing with one of the local schools. 

The village of Santa Veronica won’t offer much in terms of amenities and accommodation. But you will manage to find local restaurants with fantastic fish dishes, along with plenty of places to rent. 

#5 Bois Jolan, Guadelupe

With more than 277 windy days per year, Bois Jolan is the perfect kitesurfing location for January. You will find here during the winter months no crowds, and just a couple of locals curious about what’s happening on the beach. The water here isn’t too deep, allowing kite surfers of all levels to enjoy the beautiful kitesurfing spot. Of course, if the flatwater area doesn’t appeal to you, you can always move further outside the reef to stumble upon some waves that can go up to 1.5 m.

You will find different accommodation and basic amenities here, so you shouldn’t expect anything fancy. There are a few gear rental shops, restaurants, and bars you can try. 

#6 Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane skyline

Kitesurfing in January can turn out to be an amazing experience, especially if you select a destination such as Brisbane in Australia. There are around four distinct kitesurfing locations in less than 30 minutes distance from Brisbane CBD, suitable for all levels of experience. And if you’re a beginner looking for some guidance from one of the local schools, you will want to try kitesurfing in Brighton. 

Anyhow, even though the kite spots are in remote locations, the short drive to Brisbane can offer you access to all sorts of amenities you might. Still, keep in mind that you will most likely have to rent a car to move around between locations. Plenty of different accommodations available in the area.

#7 Changi, Singapore

Singapore in sunrise

This is an interesting kitesurfing spot, which you can use, especially in January. January in Changi will get you up to 27 windy days and an average temperature of 26 ºC. Of course, February is an excellent choice for kitesurfing here, too, but besides those two months, the windy days decrease to an average of six per month. Keep in mind that Changi is a kitesurfing spot labeled as not-so-beginner-friendly, due to the numerous submerged debris and potentially dangerous water currents. Trust your instructor, and check for the safety boat/jet 😉

So, if you aim to enjoy this lagoon, you should know that you can find in the area distinct accommodation solutions, along with a couple of international restaurants. 


When traveling with your kites, don’t forget about travel insurance that covers you while you kite!

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