September Top Spots to Kitesurf

Well, if you enjoy kitesurfing, but you want to avoid the crowds that appear everywhere in the summer, making the waters too packed up with people to actually enjoy this mesmerizing sport, maybe you should consider opting for one of the most popular kite spots in September. Usually, by the end of the summer, vacation time is over and people start working, allowing you to enjoy a nice kitesurfing experience without feeling overwhelmed by the overcrowded beaches. So, let’s see what are the best kitesurfing destinations for September, that are both windy and welcoming.

#1 Tarifa, Spain

Well, admit it! When it comes to kitesurfing, almost anyone will recommend Tarifa as the best place in Europe to kitesurf in September. Being the most southern point in Europe, it features mind-blowing winds. When it blows, it blows! Sometimes recommended only for experts. Winds here reach up to 40 knots, though in September they tend to be even more powerful. Depending on the wind type, the wind is either (side)-offshore or side-on.

Tarifa gets really crowded in the summer, you’ll have an excellent opportunity to meet people from anywhere around the world, great nightlife and atmosphere. September is usually more “emptier”, but is still hot. You can kite in Tarifa yearlong, except it gets quite cold in winter and city is more deserted.

For accommodation, we recommend opting for Airbnb or as it is more affordable than what you will get from the resorts in the area or hotels. Also, don’t forget to order some tapas from the old center or any of beach bars, both perfect to regain strength after kitesurfing and pamper yourself with local cuisine.

#2 Nananu-I-Ra Island, Fiji

Fiji is a breath-taking place strategically placed in the South Pacific. It is a place popular for its turquoise waters, amazing fishing conditions and great diving spots. Yet, the hot-spot of this area is represented by Fiji’s Nananu-I-Ra Island, a coastline considered one of the top-notch kiting spots worldwide.

What makes this place the best kitesurfing destination in September is a consistent wind blows with 15-25 knots during autumn and winter, accompanying the direction of the waves and creating the perfect kitesurfing conditions. Anyhow, if it is not windy, you can still benefit from impressive waves, meaning you can surf all day long.

Even though accommodation is hard to find straight on the kitesurf spot, meaning you will have to choose a beach house if you really want to be close to the bay, various resorts in the nearby area offer both a place to stay and a means of transportation, for you to easily get to the beach and back. Also, local cuisine consists of various Fijian meals, which will transform your kitesurfing trip into a culinary experience because it is easy to find western and Asian dishes around the area.

#3 Soma Bay, Egypt

Soma Bay in Egypt is also a top kitesurf place for September. It’s located at around 40 km of Hurghada Airport. The kite spot can be found on the beach of Amwaj Blue providing a constant wind that goes between 10 to 35 knots. It is a great place for both beginners and experts, many freestyle kite surfers enjoy the shallow flat water.

There are several on-the-spot resorts, if you’re looking for a cheaper option, you might want to consider nearby locations that offer transportation to and from the beach. Anyhow, keep in mind that is area is packed with private beaches, meaning you will have to register to be allowed to kitesurf.

#4 Cape Hatteras, USA

Another kitesurfing destination for autumn is Cape Hatteras in the USA. It is a small island located in an area with fall winds that come from the NW, N and NE, considered by kitesurfing experts one of the steadiest choices of wind.

Being a remote location means you will benefit from plenty of privacy if you go kiting in September, though at the same time signifies you will have trouble getting around and finding accommodation. Mainly, you will have to rent a car to easily access the spot.

#5 Sulawesi, Indonesia

Considered to be one of the windiest destinations in the Indonesian islands, Sulawesi is a hot spot for kite surfers in September. Usually far from the crowd, it allows you to wander around and enjoy to kite without being bothered. In addition, this location is labelled as the greatest Asia-Pacific independent wind farm, making it perfect for experienced surfers.

Also, everywhere in the area, Indonesian dishes are served, so you will benefit from fresh fruits, local fish dishes and some local cuisine that you won’t stumble upon anywhere in the world.

#6 Mahe Island, Seychelles

If you love kitesurfing, you should at least once in a lifetime book a trip to Mahe Island in Seychelles. Kitesurfing in Seychelles in September is a great opportunity to enjoy the tropical landscape and the south-east trade wind that blows at the beginning of autumn at a constant pace. Anyhow, this kite spot for September is suitable for all levels of rider ability, welcoming everyone who loves this sport.

There are few accommodations right on the spot, which if you pre-book before getting there, will guarantee you a room with a view towards the beautiful beach. A couple of cafes and local restaurants are also available nearby, yet you can wander around to the nearest big city Victoria, where you will manage to find even international cuisine dishes. But we recommend you try some traditional foods, for a unique experience!


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