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9 spots in United Arab Emirates, 1 popular

The United Arab Emirates are a unique mix of luxury and modern (not only architecture) and Islamic tradition on the other side. Most of the wind in the UAE is light thermal wind (80%), usually up to 20 knots. The weather and water are warm & hot and usually too hot during summer (40 ºC). It’s windy pretty much all year, although too hot during summer, the better seasons are spring (Apr-May) and autumn (Sep-Nov). Otherwise, you can get 10-20 kitable days a month, especially if you are enjoying lighter winds and have big kites. Don’t forget to bring the foil kites, if you have them! Best time of the day is usually in the afternoon when the thermal wind picks up.

The area around Abu Dhabi offers some nice lagoons (Yas Island) and usually a bit stronger wind that Dubai area.

There are three types of winds in UAE – thermal, Shamal (North) wind, which is medium strong to strong and you’ll get good sessions riding, and sandstorm (South or East) which you should avoid at any time.

Kitesurfing in UAE, especially Dubai is definitely worth the views! The downside of kitesurfing in the UAE is rather pricy and (over) expensive luxury. Dubai Kite Beach is just 2 km away from famous and the tallest skyscraper Burj al Khalifa, so you’ll definitely enjoy the great skyline of high-rising buildings and skyscrapers kiting in the area.

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