Kitesurfing in Oman

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Oman is a beautiful country with great hospitality, amazing cliffs, hidden nature, and some really great beaches. Oman is one of the safest countries in the Middle East and it is a Muslim country, but the rules are not that strict. Respect local people and dress modestly it is always the best way. Alcohol is not prohibited, but it is an offense to drink in public, the same goes to unmarried couples sharing a room (but it is also an offense for authorities to ask about marital status).

When visiting Oman, be aware that public transport is pretty non-existent so renting a car is your best option.

The best kite season is over the summer and stretches from April to September. Mind summers are really hot, but with strong winds, it’s getting easier to survive. The most famous kiteboarding destination is definitely Masirah Island, which you have to reach by ferry. Masirah is a real and wild kitesurfing paradise with strong wind and undiscovered places. There are also some nice kite spots south from Ras Al Jinz natural reserve – Asylah near Al Jumaylah is one of them, and also the capital Muscat has the kite beach , wind there is mostly thermal and lighter.

Sun in Oman is really strong, wear lycra while kitesurfing or bad things can happen!

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