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14 spots in Fiji, 1 popular

Fiji is considered to be one of the top kitesurfing destinations worldwide. The country is packed with a multitude of kitesurfing spots that come with balanced onshore winds, great picturesque lagoons and plenty of space to exercise your moves.

One of the best spots in Fiji for kitesurfing is Namotu Island with world-class waves and flat-water riding. Anyhow, the best time of the year to kitesurf in Fiji is from April to September. The entire year is favorable for surfing for all experience levels.

A travel tip to Fiji might me to thoroughly check the accommodation options in the area, as they do not offer similar services and you might be tricked to opt for something that it is not suitable for you. Mostly, you will find resorts, kitesurfing villages and beach houses or bungalows, all in close proximity to the beach.

Restaurants mostly serve only local dishes, while seafood comes in different combinations, one you never thought of. Finding some international cuisine is almost impossible, so getting familiar with local cuisine is going to be helpful before traveling here.

Also, it is best to keep a close eye on the signs that suggest a spot is labeled as a kitesurfing area, as in some cases certain parts of the beach might be reserved only for tourists. Moreover, local regulations differ depending on the zone you are traveling to. The best is to ask your host about any rules you might have to follow prior to start kitesurfing.

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