Kitesurfing in Barbados

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Yes, it’s always windy at Barbados! It’s windy all year round, but the best season is from mid-November to July. July to October is a rainy season, it is a bit less windy and quite humid (more wind from the South, while the wind is usually from East). The biggest chance for a hurricane is in September and October. Kitesurfing during the rainy season is possible, but conditions are not really predictable and everything is possible.

Trade winds, usually 12-25 knots and very constant wind. The south coast has constant wind, while the west side is less windy as everywhere in the Carribean. The best wind can be in the morning, so don’t sleep late :)

Warm waters all year long, but when big waves hit, it can be difficult for beginners and great for wave lovers, kitesurfers and surfers. Check out the kitesurfing spots and wind statistics to kitesurf in Barbados.

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