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12 spots in Aruba, 2 popular

Aruba is a Caribbean paradise known for its white sandy beaches, shallow water, and constant trade winds year-round. It is an idyllic setting for kitesurfing. It is windy year-round, it just depends on how much wind there is, September and October are usually the “worst”.

Aruba’s kitesurfing season is year-round, thanks to its constant trade winds from the East. However, the best kite season typically spans from December to August, with May, June & July having wind up to 30 knots. Aruba’s location outside the hurricane belt makes it an additional bonus.

Fisherman’s Huts (Hadicurari Beach) on the northwest coast of Aruba, is the island’s most popular kitesurfing spot. Stereotypical turquoise shallow water bay, but off-shore winds. Suitable for riders of all levels, and its bustling kite community adds to the vibrant atmosphere.

Boca Grandi, on the southeastern coast, is known for its strong winds and challenging wave conditions. It’s a favorite among advanced riders who seek the thrill of wave riding.

Barcadera is way less crowded (but no rescue), and Westpunt for wave-riders.

Aruba’s kitesurfing scene is marked by its reliable winds, diverse kiting conditions, and the welcoming spirit of “One Happy Island. A great kitesurfing adventure in a Caribbean paradise is promised.

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