Awesome Gift Ideas for Kitesurfers

If you’re looking for gifts, gadgets, or accessories specifically for kitesurfers, you’ve come to the right place. From small budget gifts to more expensive gifts tailored to kitesurfers – water & wind addicts! It’s gonna be a nice surprise, something that comes in handy and kiters find useful, can cause laughter or only kitesurfers can understand.

We’ve prepared an extensive list of good ideas that will save you time looking for good accessories that most of the users vouch for, even if you already have an idea of what you’d like to get.

Some of the links in the article are affiliate. We only endorse products that we believe are good and bring value to the kite community. There’s no additional cost to you, but we get a small commission for the referral.

Zinc stick sunscreen

Protect your skin from UV rays, even when spending hours in the water. Zinc stick sunscreen is more water resistant than regular sunscreens and particularly good for your face (SFP 50+). They come as transparent or in colors (those usually last longer) and are skin friendly. Not only loved by kids, but also by “bug kids”. 

Blue lizard zinc stick

Blue lizard

Coral friendly, SPF 50+, no chemical active ingredients, is paraben-free, dye-free & vegan, and causes no skin irritation. No aluminum, no sulfates either. (Australian brand)

Sun Zaper zinc stick

Zun Zapper

SPF 50+, reef friendly, suitable for kids & baby. Colored. (Australian brand)

Zinc stick on face surfing

Shopping/Beach bag

A reusable shopping bag is always handy. Who doesn’t like useful gifts? A nice one, from (recycled) fabric and natural materials, feels good in the hand. It doesn’t need to use only for shopping, but to carry kite/beach gear to your car and to the beach. Pick one with the kite motive or wind forecast and see the reactions of other kiters.

Kitesufing shopping bag

Perfect kitesurfing windy day

Kitesurfing bag

Love kitesurfing

Love at first kite shopping bag

Love at first kite

Floating waterproof phone case

Can’t kite without music? Or want to take your phone to the water to measure some kite jumps or to simply take a good picture of your kite buddies from the water with a different perspective. You can get an air-filled waterproof phone pouch that is easier to operate when you are in the middle of waves, or in case you drop the phone – it will stay afloat. Just enjoy and make your next kiting activity a memorable event. 

Pelican phone case

Pelican Marine Series

Waterproof, floating, touchscreen friendly, IP68 certified (underwater submerge up to 30 mins & dust tight), lanyard.

Hiercool water pouch phone

Hiearcool Universal Waterproof Case

IPX8 certified waterproof, sensitive screen touch, detachable lanyard, floatable.

AquaValut phone case

AquaVault 100% Waterproof Floating Case

Triple seal design, 100% waterproof and floating, touch screen friendly, with neck strap.

Can/Bottle cooler

Enjoying a cold beer is the way to go after a good kite ride. Nothing better than a chilled drink when you give your best to beat the summer heat. And keeping the can cool while slowly sipping it, is just another nice thing in life. Furthermore, you can get a can & bottle cooler with a custom design, or opt-in for some with funny kitesurfing slogans. The bottle cooler comes with a funky zip so you can dress up your bottle the same way you zip yourself in a wetsuit 🙂

No wind no fun can cooler

No wind, no fun

life begins at 35 knots!

Life begins at 35 knots

kitesurf jump can cooler


Wind speed meter

When in doubt, check the real wind speed with the wind meter! When discovering new places, or when your home spot has “tricky” wind, or you’re the first one on the beach, or just like to be on the safe side and not pump two kites (when in doubt, always take the smaller size!) for kite session…  Portable wind meters are very small and lightweight and pretty accurate in measuring. Highly recommended for every kitesurfer! Go with reliable brand, and not something that will measure off!

holdpeak windmeter


Min/max/average/current wind speed, gusts, wind chill, temperature. High accuracy, mountable on a tripod.

kestrel windmeter

Kestrel 2000

(One of) the smallest wind meters available! Min/Max/Average/Current wind speed, gusts, wind chill, and temperature measures. Waterproof and floats.



Min/max/average/current wind speed, gusts, wind chill, temperature. Can mount on a tripod.

Car key storage lock

Most of us get to the kite beach by car, but what do you do with the car key when you ride? Hopefully not “hide it” on the front wheel 🙂 Well, you can do so using the car key storage lock and hook the locked key somewhere in the car. Just don’t forget the number to open the lock afterward. There are models that can easily attach to the car window, but maybe it is still better to “hide” the lock somewhere under the car. Mind, if you’re hooking the lock on the door handle, might be a good idea to put it in the sock to avoid any scratches on the car.

Kingsley lock


Water-resistant key lock box with resettable code. Made of aluminum steel and metal.

Iron lock

Iron Lock®

Waterproof outdoor cable lock box. Sand and salt resistant, up to 5 keys.

Amir lock

Amir lock box

Waterproof cable lock box, resettable code, up to 5 keys.

Kitesurfing map

Is it the wanderlust kicking in or are you planning a next kitesurfing trip? The map is featuring over 500 places to kitesurf with their season, lagoons, and wave spots. Available on a towel, print (paper or roll down). Apart from a kitesurfing map, there is also a dive, surf, bucket list or scratch map available. Use KITEJUNGLE10 for 10% discount!

kitesurfing map
kitesurfing map
kitesurfing map

Spot guide (for kitesurfers and windsurfers) book

If you or your friend like books and travel, a spot guide in the book edition can be a great idea. Shuffle thru the book when lying in the hammock 🙂 A book featuring more than 1200 spots with descriptions from the locals and explanations of wind, waves, and weather conditions. Yes, you can find a lot of this information online, but for book lovers, this can be a precious gift!

Kitesurfing mug

There is a mug for everyone, even a special one for the kitesurfers. Start your day with a great cup of coffee while checking the last update of the wind forecast – hopefully for the better 🙂 wake up before you head out for fun on the water, wind (and waves). Several funny kitesurfing designs are available – or you can make your own design, if you’re more creative person!

Cancel everything kitesurfing mug

Cancel everything – there is wind

kitesufing mug

Kitesurfing, kitesurfing, kitesurfing

let's make some kitesurfing mug

Let’s make some kitesurfing

Coral-friendly sunscreen

Sun protection is a must when spending an excessive amount of time on the beach and water. As nature-lovers we should take care of the environment and marine life. Commercial sunscreens have been proven to cause damage to water ecosystems – luckily this is changing. “Coral-friendly” and Eco-friendly sunscreens are getting easier to find. Next time you shop pay attention that the sunscreen is bio-degradable and doesn’t contain chemicals that damage corals (and other marine life). They work excellently on your skin and are suitable for water sports. Here are some brands that are proven to be good for you and the environment.

Think sport sunscreen

Think Sport

SPF 50+, reef friendly, vegan, active ingredient: non-nano Zinc Oxide (USA brand)

Sun bum sunscreen

Sun Bum

SPF 50+, reef friendly (Octinoxate & Oxybenzone Free), vegan, active ingredients: Avobenzone, Homosalate, Octisalate, Octocrylene (USA brand)

blue lizard sunscreen

Blue Lizard

SPF 50+, reef friendly (no Oxybenzone or Octinoxate), not vegan (contains beeswax), paraben-free. Active ingredients: Octisalate, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide (Australian brand)

Dry bag

Any sport that has to do something with water will – obviously make you and your things wet! Dry bags are a handy item to keep your valuables dry. Waves, wet towels, wetsuits, bikinis, and wet boards … sand on the beach .. Make sure the items that shouldn’t be wet stay dry! If you also like to stand on SUP, jump in a kayak, camp or hike, this is a perfect gadget for outdoor enthusiast.

Dry bag

Marchway dry bag

SUP, kayak, swimming, camping, beach! Keep your belongings dry!

Pelican dry bag

Pelican waterproof dry bag

Made of rugged, flexible, and waterproof 500D PVC. Comes with a removable strap.

sandshark dry bag

Sandshark transparent dry bag

Premium, high-quality, durable materials, easy to find your items. Comes with a strap, perfect for the beach.

Floating sunglasses

Spending a lot of time outside on the water means a lot of UV light for your eyes (and skin). While skin is easier to protect, not all of us like to kitesurf with sunglasses (probably we should!) Floating sunglasses are a great addition for water activities – in case you’ll lose them, they float and they won’t be lost forever. When buying sunglasses for kitesurfing make sure they’re the correct size and really labeled for water sports. If humidity still happens to kick in or you need to clean them, spray & wipe them with hydrophobic spray.

Seaspec floating sunglasses

SeaSpecs floating sunglasses

Polarized floating sunglasses made of plastic with a strap. Best cheap sunglasses for kitesurfers!

Lip typhoon sunglasses for kitesurfing

Lip Typhoon sunglasses

Hi-end kitesurfing sunglasses. 3 years warranty, polarized, anti-scratch hard coating, anti-fog coating.

Ukes neoprene strap

Ukes sunglasses floating strap

Stay strapped – never lose a pair of sunglasses again. Inexpensive strap for your expensive sunglasses. Really nice designs.

Water resistant earplugs

If water likes to get into your ears, you should get water-resistant earplugs to make your water & wind adventures more pleasant. These are made of silicone and are comfortable to wear. They’re durable, easy to carry, and available in plenty of colors. Some earplugs come with a cable, so it’s more difficult to lose them in water. All earplugs decrease the sound/noise, so you might need to remove them occasionally to talk to other people.

SurfEar earplugs

SurfEars Water Earplugs

Thinner & softer silicone earplugs for surfers, with customizable ergonomic design to suit a wide variety of ear sizes and shapes. Comes with a leash.

Eartune Aqua

ADV Eartune Aqua Earplugs

Blocks out water lets sound in, universal-fit with lanyard, perfect for water activities made of hypoallergenic silicone.

Hearprotek watersports

Hearprotek Waterproof Earplugs

Silicone water earplugs with double flanges to keep water out. Made of soft silicone and very comfortable to wear.

Wetsuit cleaner

Wetsuit cleaner is an essential item, especially if you kite in an area where a wetsuit is worn at least for part of the year. Taking care of your wetsuit will extend its life and keep the colors bright; and also removes salt, chlorine, and odor. Get the one without harmful chemicals, they are “all-natural” or biodegradable available on the market.

wetsuit cleaner

Pau Pilau All-Natural Wetsuit Cleaner

All-Natural wetsuit cleaner & shampoo formulated for use on wetsuits and other neoprene products.

wetsuit shampoo cleaner

Gear Aid Wetsuit Cleaner and Conditioner

Gentle cleaner for neoprene products and lycra. Cleans and conditions.

wetsuit bio cleaner

O’Neill Wetsuit Cleaner & Conditioner

Extends the lifespan of neoprene material – non-toxic, cold water activated & bio-degradable

Camera line mount

If you’re into pictures and videos of your kite sessions – you should get a mount that attaches to the kite lines. So you can record all the kite tricks and flips from above 🙂 a great way to show off! It’s a must gadget if you’re into video and owns an action camera.

GDOME linemount kitesurfing

Gdome kite line mount V2.0/ V3.0

The best way to mount your GoPro action camera to your kite line in order to capture unreal drone-like shots!

kite-line-mount orange


Stable line mount with a safety leash to secure the camera. Two-year warranty


Pillow as a gift? It works for kitesurfers! Custom pillows are awesome and can be a funny or more romantic gift. You can even modify it and write more personal message related to kitesurfing or something more personal to stay in her heart forever. We all like to feel comfy when taking a ‘siesta’ or watching a movie, and there is alway not enough pillows around.

kitesurfer by day, cat lover by night pillow

Kitesurfer by day, cat lover by night

This girl is kitesurfing pillow

This girl runs on wind and waves

Might start talking about kitesurfing pillow

Warning – May start talking about kitesurfing

kitesurfing pillow

Flying kites pattern

Stainless-steel water bottle

As someone spending plenty of time in the forces of nature, we should all aim for sustainability and reduce waste whenever we can. A long kite session makes us tired, filled with happiness, thirsty and hungry. A nice way to bring some water with you is a stainless steel water bottle. You can opt-in for natural steel look or pick one with a nice print. 

Bambaw stainess steel water bottle

Bambaw Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Stainless steel with a bamboo lid. Classic & elegant, no paint, only “raw” materials.

Sports bottle insulated

Sports Bottle

Triple-insulated stainless steel water bottle with straw lid, keeps your drinks cool or hot for up to 24h.

Topoko bottle

TOPOKO Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Double-wall insulated thermo bottle, 100% BPA-free materials. Available in different colors.

Final Verdict

Which one is your favorite? Maybe you’re looking for a gift for your kitesurfing buddy and now ended up buying a couple of gadgets for yourself 🙂 Nothing wrong with that! We all like gifts that are useful, will remind us of a friend, and keep good memories. Everyone appreciates durable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly accessories, especially when you’re a person that spends a lot of time in nature with wind, sun, and waves. Stay tuned for part two!

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