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4 spots in Cambodia, 1 popular

Cambodia, known for its rich history and ancient temples, is emerging as a hidden gem for kitesurfing enthusiasts seeking tropical adventures. With its pristine beaches, warm waters, and consistent winds, Cambodia invites riders to explore its coastal beauty and experience the thrill of kitesurfing.

Cambodia has two wind seasons, the first one starting from December until March (East to North East wind), and from May until September with wind from the West.

Kep Thmey near Kampot is known for its laid-back atmosphere, offers kitesurfing opportunities at its beaches. A flat water lagoon and consistent winds create a unique setting for riders; some waves possible on the outside, and a nice view of Phu Quoc island. It is currently the only place with IKO kite school.

There are a few “spots” around Sihanoukville where you might spot a kitesurfer, the beaches offer a mix of conditions, from flat water to small waves. But you’ll be mostly there on your own. The same goes for Koh Rong Islands – a short boat ride from Sihanoukville. Pictures and videos exists, but don’t expect to arrive in a kite village. :)

Cambodia’s kitesurfing scene is marked by its unspoiled coastal beauty, warm hospitality, and a slowly growing community.

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