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A lot of kiters (and kiters to be) from all around the planet are looking for the next windy season, scouting scenic or well-known locations, or new kite spots on our website. Whether you offer Kite Classes, Camps, Safaris, scenic Downwinders, (Kite) Boat Cruises, or Renting Equipment (snow or regular kite)– we’d like to list you on our website.

Kite schools and Providers are shown in countries and specific kite spots (where you operate). Featured listings are promoted across the website. For paid plans, you can add additional Offers to reach out to your audience.

Can’t find your home kitespot? No worries, we’ll add that.

What’s included

Basic Plan

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Pro Plan

Get unlimited direct leads free, and enjoy a premium profile and promote offers accross the website

Pro Plus Plan

Maximize visibility and engagement

Get listed on Kite Jungle
Placement ranking
Tier 3
(below Pro & Pro Plus listings)
Tier 2
(below Pro Plus listings)
Tier 1
(appear at the top)
Maximum Visibility
Improved listing style
Pin on the map with kitespots

(Only listed for one location)

(Nicer and more visible, listed in multiple locations if needed)

(Nicer and more visible, listed in multiple locations if needed)
Recieve a popular now banner
Add offers (shown accross website, country and/or locations)
Promoted offers (ie. listed on country rankings).
Profile Page Coming soon!
Number of photos
Links to social media accounts
Full address and map visibility
Freely edit your profile page
No advertising on profile page
Blog Article
Contact us (Additional price)
Contact us (Additional price)
Newsletter Feature
Contact us (Additional price)
Contact us (Additional price)

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