Kitesurfing in Malaysia


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Malaysia might not be as windy as neighboring South-East Asian countries and the windiest part of the Malaysian peninsula is on the east coast. From late November until March Malaysia get stable around 20 knots winds due to the North-East monsoon season. The best kiteboarding places in Malaysia around this time are Tioman Island, Jason Bay and around Bandar Penawar.

After the monsoon season, you find lighter winds that can go up to 10-15 kn so you might get a kitesurfing fix. There is a second season (during South-East monsoon) between July & August and suitable kite places are mostly at the southern part of the peninsula around Bandar Penawar and Jason Bay.

In case of no wind, you should definitely experience diving and enjoy Malay food. Laksa, nasi lemak, mee goreng, roti among with common Indian and Chinese cuisine. Although Malaysia is a predominantly a Muslim country, as a woman you don’t need to cover, many of the bars serve alcohol and people are open and welcoming.

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